Hello, my name is Gunita Amolina-Kappadona. I enjoy to photograph and work with people!
Photography for me is a creative process, often in my work I want to create an atmosphere of cinema or theatrical scene, to inspire the birth of a story that cannot be expressed in words. It is not easy for everyone to open up in front of the camera, to show their thoughts, soul, as if to expose themselves, but if you succeed, we create art.
On this site you can see my photo works. If you are fascinated by some photos, I can say, “I did it”! To order a photo shoot, please e-mail me.

Directions in which I work: portrait, thematic shooting, fashion, travel-reportage.
Countries, cities and areas where you can book a photo shoot:
Latvia – Riga,
Germany – Stuttgart, Goeppingen, Ulm
Russia – Moscow.

My professional growth
Even  in my schooldays I was interested in the visual image of the person, the unity of aesthetic and ethical values.
My career began in 1987 as a professional hairdresser. After learning the basics of the profession, I continued to attend various training courses and participated in international competitions.
In Latvia I have acquired the barber title. At the Moscow Hairdressing Arts Academy “DOLORES” I got the title “Hairdresser – Designer”.
In the international company “Keune” (exclusive, professional cosmetics for hair care) I worked as an instructor in Latvia and Moscow.
At the same time I learned new professions – color and style consultant, image maker, make-up artist.
My passion for photography has always been very big. I wanted to acquire professional skills in this area. That’s why I joined the Moscow Academy of Photography where I could understand photography as art.

Art is a reflection of a time that is closely linked to history, economics and politics. “The sign of real art is that it’s always modern, vital and useful.” (F. Dostoyevsky)

Photographers who inspire me: Gunars Binde, Philippe Halsman, Peter Lindbergh, Annie Leibovitz, Norbert Becke, Marco Gressler.

In addition to my passion for photography, I enjoy good wine and fine cuisine. I am an active person, who loves nature, I always want to see something new, exciting. I love traveling, getting to know the culture and history of other people. I often combine leisure with sports – diving and hiking in the mountains.
The key to realizing my dreams is constant work and self-improvement.